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Maintenance Reminder

Cleaning the gutters can be one of the most unpleasant home maintenance chores you can do.  However, if the gutters are left full, the roofing and the fascia can be damaged by water. With water flowing over the gutters versus going down the spouts cleanly will mean water entering your foundation, and probably into your basement and crawl room.

Here are some easy things you can do:

  • Clean your gutters twice a year – spring and fall
  • Wait until your gutters are dry before cleaning them
  • Check your gutters before a forecasted big storm
  • Don’t clean the gutters from the roof
  • Use a ladder and be sure you have stable and even footing; get a spotter if needed
  • Don’t reach out further than is safe to do
  • You may lay out a tarp under your gutters to collect the debris, and just move it along with you when you move the ladder
  • Get the gunk out by using your hands with a pair of good gloves or using a garden trowel. Starting at the downspout, scoop out the leaves and sediment
  • Once you’ve removed all that you can with your hands, use a hose to flush the finer debris, starting at the end opposite the downspout.

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