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Selling your Home: 3 Lies and 3 Truths from Reality TV

3 Lies

LIE #1: Agents make BIG commissions

While many agents create a comfortable life with the commissions generated, there are omitted details on our favorite shows because they don’t make great TV. Often they are splitting the gross commission with marketing, insurance, brokerage fees, and other agents.

LIE #2: The BEST realtor is the one who sells the most

There is something to be said for agents who have been involved in many transactions.  The experience gained from navigating all of those sales should not be discredited and will work to your advantage.  However, at some point, you’re not working with the agent you hired, but a team working under their name. Or, they may be cutting the level of service because they are juggling too many transactions. So, before signing with an agent, look for experience and quality of service, instead of just quantity.

LIE #3: Your home will sell from JUST 1 open house

Open houses on TV have far more people go through them than the usual open house and are usually not the source of an offer on your home.  Most offers are presented as the result of MANY regular showings over about a month’s time.  Depending on the specifics of your home, this will vary and a great agent can help to predict that.

3 Truths

TRUTH #1: You SHOULD look at comparable properties

Your agent should present you other homes similar to yours in location, size, and condition.  This will help you understand the price to jump in the market with.  If it helps, have them take you to see some in person.  If you’re not happy with where your list price is at, this can give you an idea of some projects to take on before selling your home.

TRUTH #2: Staging does help THAT much

With more and more buyers taking to the internet to start their home search, it is imperative that your home photographs well.  Staged homes sell faster (we’ve seen stats that say 80% faster!) and for as much as 20% more than a non-staged home.  For a $500,000 home that could bump an offer $600,000.  Your agent can support you in a do-it-yourself plan or finding a professional.   

TRUTH #3: A GREAT agent will jump through hoops to sell your home

The agents chosen for TV usually have a track record of going above and beyond for their sellers, the out of the box is fun to watch!  Agents that get creative are the exception not the rule.  Some agents stage, remodel, do themed open house parties, even make music videos to sell your home to the right buyer.

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